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ebmbook back-office

The Ebmbook Backoffice is designed to be used only by the POS end-users and it’s limited only for the purpose of the following activities: To sign up for an Ebmbook POS accounts To download the Ebmbook software applications from To see the activation status of your Ebmbook account from To buy or subscribe to Ebmbook Read more about ebmbook back-office[…]

Buy Now Pay Later POS Feature

Some businesses might have a business model of accepting part of the payment later, for example, a customer can pay a proportional of a bill now and pay the remaining balance later.  Or, a customer can pay in installments such as daily basis, weekly, monthly or can be assumed a subscription based payments. Having a Read more about Buy Now Pay Later POS Feature[…]

Expense & Bills Management on EPOS

Nowadays the most important aspect of any accounting or modern POS software should be to have expense management in order to keep the record of your bills either for business or even private expense.   The above picture shows the list of your added expenses in the POS. The highlighted tabs in PINK are the Read more about Expense & Bills Management on EPOS[…]

Employee Attendance Tracking on EPOS

Ebmbook EPOS employee attendance management feature for recording employees working hours.

Point of Sale Till Management

The POS till management feature is designed to provide you with the end of day sales report, add cash into your till, withdraw cash from the till and register your company employee activities. How to start a fresh till balance? On the start of a fresh day or shift upon logging into the Ebmbook EPOS, Read more about Point of Sale Till Management[…]

Order Marker Options

How to mark an order for custom option such as mark order for Delivery, Collection, Table No, Gate No or anything you name it..

How to Upgrade Your EPOS Account

How to activate your Ebmbook EPOS account or upgrade your software package as well as downgrade..

How To Add Notes

This tutorial will show you how to leave notes for others including order note, customer note and item notes.

Taking Orders, Sorting Payments and Issuing Refunds

This tutorial will help you take orders, process payments and issue refunds in Ebmbook EPOS

Customise EPOS Printer Receipt

This tutorial will help you tailor printer receipts as per your company needs for example what company details to show on the receipt or should customer see discount, tax etc.

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