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Most Recent Updates

Connect to Self Service KIOSK App

In PRO version “1.0.4” new features and further improvements patched.  The further modifications include KIOSK API integration and more

Kitchen Orders Management System

External access point for kitchen employees to view recent orders and manage the progress of an order

Ebmbook ESHOP

Start selling products through both channels, online and in-store with Ebmbook PRO

Auto Backup Ebmbook PRO Database

About auto backup of the Ebmbook PRO data

Order Progress Management on PRO

How order progress stages processed on Ebmbook PRO

Till Management on Client Terminal

Printing End of Day Report with Ebmbook PRO Client Terminal

What is Client Terminal

It’s an optional POS terminal on Ebmbook PRO which connects to the Server Terminal

What is Server Terminal

It’s the main terminal through which the client terminals can be controlled.


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