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Buy Now Pay Later POS Feature

Some businesses might have a business model of accepting part of the payment later, for example, a customer can pay a proportional of a bill now and pay the remaining balance later.  Or, a customer can pay in installments such as daily basis, weekly, monthly or can be assumed a subscription based payments. Having a Read more about Buy Now Pay Later POS Feature[…]

Taking Orders, Sorting Payments and Issuing Refunds

This tutorial will help you take orders, process payments and issue refunds in Ebmbook EPOS

Adding Product Modifiers

Adding Modifiers to Products This tutorial will show you how to set modifiers for certain products in Ebmbook EPOS   Settings screen: To set up product modifiers, you’ll need to access the Settings screen. Do this by clicking the four white squares on the top left of the screen. This will result in the drop-down Read more about Adding Product Modifiers[…]

How Customers Can Earn Bonus Points

How customers can earn bonus points on the EPOS system and also how to activate bonus point feature..

Enable or Disable a Payment Type

How to pay with other payment types on the Ebmbook EPOS such as paying with card, bank transfer or cash payment..


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