What is Server Terminal

About Ebmbook Server Terminal

EST is the main terminal through which the client terminals can be controlled.  Ebmbook PRO has client and server terminals.  Server Terminal is also called EST “Ebmbook Server Terminal”.  The Ebmbook Server Terminal manages and process most of your business activities.  Depends on your business needs, EST can be running from your store or running from home.

  • It manages all the client terminals – the ECTs
  • It manages the Ebmbook Online Store – the ESHOP
  • It controls the Kitchen Orders Management section 
  • Manages all your inventories 
  • Manages all the employees and their permissions 
  • Can also be used to take orders with – same like ECT
  • And, many more admin related tasks are carried by EST

Would like to know more?  Visit How to Setup EST



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