Upgraded Speed & Reduced Order Stages – EPOS Version 1.2.2

As of EPOP version 1.2.2 the POS overall size has been compressed by few MB and the speed of the software became two times faster compare to the previous versions.   The versions 1.1.9 – 1.2.1 were expermental releases thus no logs were recorded for them:


Reduced Ordering Stages  

The ordering stages were reduced after too many requests received from ebmbook POS users.  No more multiple popup windows will appear in order to complete a transaction.

EPOS ordering main screen upgraded version 1.2.2

  • When order added to cart, the payment options will appear.
  • Pay with a single click, select full Balance then click CASH, CARD or any enabled payment option.


Auto On-Screen Keyboard  

A lightweight auto keyboard will slide up when you start searching or open Note for writing a note.  The auto keyboard for the remaing less used boxes will be available in the up coming version releases.

POS Auto on screen keyboard

  • Click in the Note box and the auto keyboard will slide up.


More Features Option  

More options window is designed to show you order related further details as well as it can be used to give you a quick access to important buttons.

  • Click on the “More..” button in order to see this window.
  • From the window, you can have quick access to the following buttons (Apply Order Discount, Open Cash Drawer, Select Customer, End of Day Report, Advance Report and etc..).


Always ensure to have the up to date version of the EPOS installed in order to enjoy the best of the ebmbook.


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