Order Progress Management on PRO

About Ebmbook PRO Order Progress Management

An order taken through the POS terminal or came through online sources such as ESHOP or partners – they all have almost same process.

  1. Pending: Awaiting to be approved – it might be fake online order therefor it has to be approved by the EST user
  2. Approved: The order has been confirmed and it’s a live order
  3. Processing: Order is under preparation right now and will be ready soon
  4. Ready: This order has been prepared and is ready now
  5. Completed: Order paid, collected or finalized successfully
  6. Cancelled: This order has been cancelled

How it works?

  • Orders from everywhere eventually will arrive into EST
  • ECT orders come to EST as soon the connection between the two enabled
  • ESHOP orders will synced to EST as soon the connection enabled and orders haven’t synced previously
  • Orders from other sources such as JustEat, UberEats, Deliveroo and other partners will arrive into EST – to know more you need to be a subscribed Ebmbook PRO member.
  • Orders from partners can also arrive into EST through other source – to know more you need to be a subscribed Ebmbook PRO member.
  • All orders arrived from partners will be automatically accepted and will have pending status
  • All orders arrived from ESHOP will have pending status
  • The status of any order on EST can be changed to any preparation status
  • A status of order progress can also be changed from the Kitchen System, this is only limited to few statuses. See Kitchen Orders Management for details.



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