Order Marker Options

Marker Options on Orders in the EPOS

This tutorial will show you how to leave markers in Ebmbook EPOS


  • Sell Screen: Suppose you want to leave a marker on a specific order so as to ‘mark’ it for a specific function i.e. a table number, a collection, delivery, etc. To do this, begin in the Sell Screen and begin putting an order together. In this case, I’ve selected a farmhouse pizza from RandPizza and added it to the order menu.

I then selected ‘Order Options’ from the bottom of the order menu:


Since there aren’t any order options available, the following message comes up, requesting that I create order options. I click the ‘Order Options’ button to get started.


You can also access the Order Options menu by going into Settings via the drop-down menu (from the button at the upper left corner of the EPOS, both circled in red) and clicking ‘Order Options’ under the Company section.


  • Setting order options: Within the Order Options screen, proceed to using the text box to add a custom order option to your EPOS software. Click ‘Add New Option’ to finalize it.

The option (‘Collection’, circled in red) has been added to your list of options for order markers. You can delete an order option by click on its box and selecting ‘Delete’ from the window that pops up.

Continue to add more or head back to the Sell Screen by using the top left drop-down menu.

  • Available order options: Back in the Sell Screen, click on ‘Order Options’ in the order menu on the right of the screen. You’ll be presented with the custom order options you’ve made. I’ve selected ‘Collection’ for the Farmhouse pizza from earlier.


The order marker can be seen in a tab just below the top three buttons on the order menu. Click the red x on the right hand side to remove it.

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