Kitchen Orders Management System

About Kitchen Orders Management System

It is an external access point for account employees to view recent orders and manage the progress of these orders from the kitchen.  Kitchen system handles only three stages of an order’s progress:

  1. Pending: An order hasn’t prepared yet
  2. Preparing: An order is getting prepared right now
  3. Ready: This order has been prepared and now ready to go

Removing an order from the Kitchen system can only be done through the EST by marking the order status to Completed or Cancelled.  For more details on how order progress stages work, see orders management section.


How it works?

  1. It works with EST running
  2. It will be accessed in the browser through http URL – your EST will generate this for you
  3. If EST Server connected to a local network, from another machine the IP address of the EST Server will be used. The IP address of EST located at the footer of EST Server.
  4. For the first time an authentication screen will appear which used to enable connection between your kitchen screen and the EST server.
  5. Two-way authentication required to enable connection. EST will receive an alert asking you to either confirm or reject this permission.  From the list of users, select which user requires this connection.
  6. Once confirmed, the selected user automatically logs into the kitchen system.
  7. Once rejected, user will not be able to send another request until the POS restarts. This procedure applied for securing the system and avoiding hackers from keep sending requests to the EST Server.
  8. In the background, EST will provide a private key to the Kitchen System to enable communication and recognize you. The key is only valid as long as the server is running. 



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