How to Import EPOS Data

How to Import EPOS Data

This tutorial will show you how to import your inventory data to another copy of the Ebmbook EPOS Software.


  • Settings: First access the Settings screen by clicking the icon on the top left of the screen.


  • Importing data to Ebmbook EPOS: Locate the Import to Ebmbook section of the Settings screen and click on it (circled in red):


You’ll end up in the Import or Restore Data screen. You must select a folder to move the ‘data’ and ‘media’ sub-folders into (see the tutorial: How to Backup EPOS Data for more). To do this, click the dark blue ‘Select or Change Directory‘ button (circled in red):


A pop-up window, ‘Select Folder‘, will appear. Use this to locate the folder you want to import your data from:


For this example, I proceeded to use my USB (‘BLANKSVILLE’) to import the data, which needs to be in CSV format, otherwise the process won’t work. The location and sub-folders (‘data’ for the CSV spreadsheet files, and ‘media’ for the )


Back in the Import or Restore Data screen, click the red ‘Start Import Data’ button, which is circled in red, to begin the process of importing data into Ebmbook EPOS:

A reminder: This tutorial is written with the notion that you’re accessing the Ebmbook software through a PC or laptop. If you are using a touchscreen terminal, tablet or smartphone, the same directions apply but with your finger instead of the mouse.





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