How To Add Notes

How to Add Notes

This tutorial will show you how to leave notes for others in Ebmbook EPOS


1) Memo Screen

  • Memos Screen: To begin leaving a note to other staff, click the upper-left corner icon in the Ebmbook EPOS to release the drop-down menu. Then click Memos to access that part of the EPOS.


  • Add new note: You’ll be presented with the following screen, which includes all notes from every user in the EPOS. You can use the search bar near the top to locate specific notes or add a new note by clicking the + button at the top right of the screen. Do this now to add a new note (circled in red):


  • A window (Add Note Window) will pop up with a text box and three options:
    • Standard note: Any typical note can go with this option and be about anything.
    • Customer note: This is to leave a note for staff about a customer. Select the customer from the drop-down menu provided.
    • Item note: A note can be left about any item in particular. This is necessary, for example, if you require said item to be restocked.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’ve selected a standard note. Click ‘Save Note’ button at the bottom of the window to save the note.


  • Result: The note is saved and can be viewed by all users/employees.

2) Leave note on order: If you want to leave a note on an order, then simply add items to the order and click the ‘Add Note’ button on the top right of the order menu.

Type a brief message you want to leave for staff on this order. Click the red x at the top right of the window to close it. The note will still be intact when you click ‘Add Note’ again.


A reminder: This tutorial is written with the notion that you’re accessing the Ebmbook software through a PC or laptop. If you are using a touchscreen terminal, tablet or smartphone, the same directions apply but with your finger instead of the mouse.