EPOS Version 1.0.9 Release

The Ebmbook EPOS Starter has been updated to the version 1.0.9.  This version released on the 7th of January 2019 with the following EPOS updates:


Windows Tablet Supports Added

  • The Ebmbook EPOS 32bit Version has been implemented too.  The version is designed to work with old computers as well as Windows Tablets.
  • The Ebmbook EPOS 32bit version is available from the Back-Office for download.


EPOS Auto Starting Up

  • An auto startup option added.  Upon starting up your computer the Ebmbook EPOS app will start automatically too.


Other Updates

  • The previous versions of the Ebmbook EPOS had click and hold option for opening the Items and Categories Management Windows.  This feature has been removed because this option was confusing the users.  Now, as of the version 1.0.9 an icon to edit item and edit category has been added which can be clicked to open the Management Window.  See Adding or Updating an EPOS Item Tutorial for more details.


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