Employee Attendance Tracking on EPOS

Since version 1.1.6 of the Ebmbook you can record employees working time by clocking them in when starting work and clock them out when their shift ended.

EPOS Clock in clock out employee

  • Select user who’s shift is starting or ending.
  • EPOS Clock In option to record employees shift start time
  • EPOS Clock Out option to record employees end shift time


See employees attendance log in EPOS

Navigate to the Attendance Log tab to see the logs of attendance


Employee Clock in Clock out Time EPOS

See employees clock in, clock out and total working hours for specific day.


Attendance log for specific day

Select specific employee attendance log for specific date range.


Clear attendance history on EPOS

You can either delete a single attendance log or clear the entire history of the attendance from the Ebmbook EPOS.

For more details either download or get the up to date version of the ebmbook epos. Meanwhile you can watch the following video clip on how EPOS Attendance Management works:



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