ebmbook back-office

The Ebmbook Backoffice is designed to be used only by the POS end-users and it’s limited only for the purpose of the following activities:

  • To sign up for an Ebmbook POS accounts
  • To download the Ebmbook software applications from
  • To see the activation status of your Ebmbook account from
  • To buy or subscribe to Ebmbook applications
  • To do a basic configuration to your Ebmbook POS software applications

EPOS Backoffice


Where can I download the Ebmbook POS software from?

From now on, the Ebmbook POS software can only be downloaded from the back office if and only if you have either:

  • Confirmed your email address
  • Or, bought/subscribed for any of the Ebmbook POS applications
  • Or, sent us a request for a free demo


Can I use Ebmbook POS with a dummy or fake email address?

A valid email address is required to signup for an Ebmbook account.  If you have mistakenly signed up for an Ebmbook account with an invalid email address and now you would like to either access your back office full features or re-use the POS software after a demo period ended, the only option you have is to get in touch with.




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