How to Block or Unblock Users on the EPOS

Block or Unblock Users on EBMBook EPOS

This tutorial will show you how to BLOCK or UNBLOCK an employee/user from logging in.


To block or unblock a user/employee from logging in to the EBMBook EPOS, an admin or a user with access rights permission has to take this action.  See the link “How to See Employee Details on the EPOS“.

  • First, log in to EBMBook EPOS. Then go into your Settings menu by clicking the upper left navigation icon (the four squares).


  • Account & Users section: Click on the ‘Account & Users’ area in the Settings screen (circled in red).

  • Access Status button: Click on any employee to view their details on the right side of the screen. Next, click the button on the top left of that vertical bar, “Access Status“, to block or unblock an employee (circled in red).

Note: This is a fictional employee, any similarities or likeness to a real individual is purely coincidental.


You’ll get a confirmation message near the top telling you that the employee’s status was updated.


You can unblock an employee but clicking on their name again and clicking the same button (which now has a red stop icon, indicating that the employee is currently blocked).


A reminder: This tutorial is written with the notion that you’re accessing the EBMBook software through a PC or laptop. If you are using a touchscreen terminal, tablet or smartphone, the same directions apply but with your finger instead of the mouse.

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