Adding or Updating an EPOS Item

Adding or Updating an EPOS Item

Find out how to add or update EPOS items.


If you want to add or update items in the EPOS, you’ll need to navigate to the Sell Screen and interact with items through there.

Note: First, you’ll need to be an admin or a user with the right access role. Make sure to contact your manager to discuss access roles before you begin adding items.

  • Sell Screen: Begin by accessing the main Sell Screen as soon as you log in to the EPOS.


  • Select a category: Directly click on any of the categories in the Sell Screen to access them. The example here is for the Books category.



  • Create a new item: Click on the ‘Create New Item‘ button. It’s the one at the end of a list of items, with the + icon.


  • Item Creation/Editing Window: Use this screen to do the following:
    • Input the item’s title
    • Select its category
    • Add tax
    • Add a price: Fixed (when you know the exact title), Variations (when an item comes in different styles, the price can vary), and Variable (when there is no exact price, allowing you to set one when selling).
    • Create an SKU
    • Set the stock number
    • Name a brand
    • Enter a Barcode
    • Input a Low Stock Alert
    • Set a unit of measure (either Per Item or Per Weight)
    • Apply loyalty reward and set its percentage

For this example I added the classic science fiction book Starship Troopers.


  • Editing themes: Themes are color codes and images to help identify items. Click the Edit Theme button the left-hand upper corner (the one with the initials of an item).

Simply select a colour and then add an image using the ‘Select Item Photo‘ button.


Select the correct image for the product from your device.

Click ‘Save Item‘ to save the item you’ve just created.


The newly created item (circled in red).


If you want to edit an item, just click and hold on an item with the left mouse button for a few seconds. The window for editing is the same as the item creation window.


A reminder: This tutorial is written with the notion that you’re accessing the EBMBook software through a PC or laptop. If you are using a touchscreen terminal, tablet or smartphone, the same directions apply but with your finger instead of the mouse.

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