Ebmbook ESHOP

About the Ebmbook Online Store

Your company will be able to sell products through both channels, online and in-store.

On default, the ESHOP will be inactive, should be manually activated through the EST’s Settings section.  Once activated and the ESHOP has been installed, both, the EST and ESHOP will be communicating together in order to keep the data synced.  This business model will enable your website to start selling products through both channels.


What is ESHOP?

The Ebmbook ESHOP is your own dedicated online store designed to work with EST for increasing profitability and letting customers take orders online.

ESHOP by itself does not have a back-office for the company employees, it is only designed for the customers to serve themselves by taking orders online through your online store.  For the back-office activities of the ESHOP, the EST server has to be used to access you all the activities.



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